We will all die.

This is certain.

If Tina Turner died, there is no chance any of us would survive.

If such energy, tonic energy, can vanish, who could expect to outlive it ?

Was she, indeed, The Queen of Rock’n Roll ?

Yes, it is possible, although it might be that she was not alone.

But even so, she was always an inspiration.

Such inspiration we will continue to need, if we are to escape a dull life.

She danced and she sang.

She sang and she danced.

She was Tina Turner.

The incandescent performer.

We need her, we also need rock’n roll, with or without Kings and Queens.

How to design a house for her ?

Explosive ?

But how could it be both explosive and sustainable ?

Should it be built in that “other half” of the world, belonging to Nature, or in this half, belonging to man ?

We will die.

We are born to die.

And if even Tina Turner died, we have no chance to escape.

We ask you to design A HOUSE FOR TINA TURNER.

On this earth, or who knows where ?

Or a house for her music ?


She was her music and her music was her.

Commemorate her, architecturally!

Intoxicate yourselves with her energy.

And then pause, since beyond it there is nothing.


Please send us ANY work, ANY size, ANY format.

Submit your work to [email protected]

The registration and submission deadline is November 26th, 2023, her birthday.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you,