Works by Charles Pigott

To stimulate you, here are seven projects submitted by Charles Pigott, a prolific British architect who sent us, by now, the works seen below. Let's hope other works will arrive, equally inspired and inspiring.

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Swedenborg consistently maintained that the infinite, indivisible power and life within all creation is God. In much the same light The Acropolis has consistently maintained its presence as the the infinite, indivisible power and life within all creation of Architecture. Between you and me there seems as if this form of justification needs a little bit of adjustment before we fall into the art of polychromy and address the importance of the north face, marking both the beginning and the end of architecture, as a craft of gods and an idea of the infinite.

A House for Jože Plečnik

Much in the manner of Kafka approach the castle in Prague I came across the additions of Plecnik to the gardens along with the original House of Suicide and the Mother of Suicide. It was an unfathomable experience that made Plecnik look edgy and made me think further about the creation of architecture and cities, principally Rome and where the boys, Romulus and Remus were mothered by the she-wolf Lupa, who nursed them in her lair in Palantine Hill. We forget how important nature is to our existence and how fragile life is when things can appear so simple; and while America stands on the testament of the Land of the Free, we wonder if the Kafka would approach Washington if the architecture would appear just as forthright and true.

For an architect to quantify his profession upon biblical proportions and to be castigated by the catholic faith for his publication of the 10 books of architecture we must think that he has touched the cosmic aspect of architecture. In the light of such professional mastery that has eluded us for centuries we must wonder about what is hidden by the classical style and what games are at play. The fortitude of geometry has led both despots and visionaries into the religious argument that has measured the resilience of our world. Today our education has seemed to be tainted by the jewish faith and by circumstance the truth of geometry that Alberti had care to mention has yet again been repressed for another generation. Today a house for Alberti would take the shape of the underground that could harbour the misfits of our society that are prepared to play ball with the system.

A House for MC Escher

Following the paradigm of the golden age of Berlin one needs to retire to the outskirts to avoid the maelstrom of the infinite in an attempt to survive the poisonous narrative of being an artist when the resounding presence of KF Schinkel marks the hallowed ground of the city. What is proposed is a retreat for the MC to meet his maker and address the solitude.

What could be a more fitting comedy to Moliere than to parody the capirote, the Catholic pointed hat of a conical form, that is used in Spain and Hispanic countries by members of a confraternity of penitents, since his work was suppressed by the church of the same name. He was aware of how important comedy is in describing the path of human history, showing drama above and beyond the limits of probability and to animate the absurd and present some aesthetic home truths.

If Hans Scharoun would still be alive today and continuing to live in Berlin he would undoubtedly have taken a back seat to architecture and been offered the chair as the director of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). As with all seats of power that now attends to a new headquarters on Chausee Strasse in Mitte, Berlin, as designed by the architects Kleihues + Kleihues, a directors house would undoubtedly need to be established to embellish this intelligence centre, fitting for Hans in his renewed autumn years. As much a metaphor, as a living memory, of what architecture can become when there is a lead to the idea of german federal intelligence.