Since 2000, ICARCH has sponsored competitions for houses dedicated to the work of great artists or ideas.  Visit #link-removed-for-security-reasons# to read the competition challenges and the entries.  

This is a heartfelt invitation to bring architecture closer to culture, in general, and to NOT ignore the importance of what is called the "metaphysical," for architecture as well.

We totally agree with what Johan Huizinga wrote:

"Culture must have its ultimate aim in the metaphysical or it will cease to be culture"

And we also totally agree with Alvar Aalto:

"Architecture belongs to culture, not to civilisation"

If we correlate the two statements, we can only arrive at the conclusion that architecture is itself only when it belongs to culture, and in order to belong to culture, considering Huizinga, it cannot forget its ultimate aim: the metaphysical.

Thus, true architecture can only be metaphysical.

Even when built, or especially when built.

Thank you,

Dan Coma