The great French painter Pierre Soulages died on October 26th, 2022. We invite you to the following commemorative competition:


Black – Nigredo – Blackening.

Who would want a black house ? Even with one wall black ?

Certainly not the bourgeois, the bourgeois wants pink.

But black is immensely important. Malevich knew it too.

And of course Pierre Soulages, the French painter who died, at 102, on October 26th, this year.

Did we write correctly ? Yes, we did. Pierre Soulages died at 102, on October 26th, 2022.

Was there ever a painter who lived longer ?

Probably not.

So maybe being The Master of Black, as he was called, helped.

Yes, maybe Death itself is afraid of blackness, not just the bourgeois. And thus, it avoided to visit Pierre Soulages, for a long time.

Anyway… why is blackness important ?

It was the first step in the alchemical process: blackening – Nigredo.

The second step being Whitening – Albedo, and the third one, Reddening – Rubedo.

But the alchemical process started with Blackening – Nigredo.

So maybe the poet was right: “Darkening darkness, thus the gates of light!”

And darkening darkness means: blackening.

So this is what Pierre Soulages did all his long life: he blackened everything, artistically. And it seems it worked. Black brought him success and his longevity was a success too, some might say.

Maybe we should all blacken, and blacken, and blacken everything.


So how would THE HOUSE OF BLACK, or A House for Pierre Soulages might look like ?

Well, it might have to be black, yes, but not any kind of black, perhaps. But then, are there different kinds of black ?

Probably not.

But what we would like to say is this: it has to be that INTENSE BLACKNESS that shows, actually, an aspiration for its opposite: LIGHT, or LIGHTNESS.

What about BLACK LIGHT, like the one apparently achieved by Philippe Rahm in one of his projects ?

All in all, we invite you to plunge courageously in that blackness that is redeeming. Yes, A REDEEMING BLACKNESS.

Redeem yourself, dear architect, through THE BLACKEST HOUSE IMAGINABLE. Call it, if you want, A HOUSE FOR PIERRE SOULAGES.



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